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    Happy Hippie (www.happiesthippie.com) was founded in 2017. We found it was tiresome searching online for groovy items at an affordable price. We'd been dabbling with the idea to open this shop up for a few years previous, unfortunately we never got around to it. 

    Happy Hippie realize's how important culture, individualism and self is worth. I always walked into clothing stores wonder why everyone would all want to wear the exact same clothing. Even today I see people wearing the same clothes from big box stores. You must stand out in a world where everyone wants to be the same. We strive to bring you great products. We want to provide you with quality bohemian hippie style clothing and jewelry.

    As we continue to grow we want to bring organic clothes, more hemp and 100% cotton clothing. We realize the impact caused by pollution and we want to make a difference in the fashion industry. We look forward to introducing more hemp and natural products to your door.  

    Happy hippie making you the happiest hippie around!

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